Level Five mattresses feature individually wrapped coils, foam encasement, and, depending on the model, may feature memory foam, gel, cooling agents, latex, and hybrid construction.  Some of the brands included at this level are Serta® iSeries® Profiles and Serta® iComfort® Hybrid pillow tops, Serta® iComfort®, Sealy® Hybrid®, Sealy® Optimum®, and Beautyrest® World Class®.

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Shifman® world-class Artisans combine their unparalleled hand craftsmanship with the highest quality all natural materials to provide you with a superior two-sided mattress; using only premium components, like Belgian damask, matelasse fabrics, and natural materials including cotton, wool, cashmere, and pashmina. Shifman® carefully builds its two-sided mattresses with flawless artistry, unmatched attention to detail, and complete dedication to creating the finest hand-made mattresses available.  The quality, comfort, and the resilience of Shifman® products are what make Shifman® stand out above the rest for over 120 years.



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